Footpath changes due to logistics development fronting A264

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Footpath changes due to logistics development fronting A264

The start of 2023 will see changes to the footpath access linking Heathy Wood with the A2220 through the A264 underpass.
Works are now commencing at the south of site on the plot which fronts the A264 to deliver the new logistics unit. 

Unfortunately due to Health and Safety advice while groundworks are underway for the unit being built there, we have had to temporarily close the current footpath that runs through the middle of that plot from 16th January 2023. It will re-open in a slightly revised safe route once ground works are complete.

When it re-opens, the new permanent footpath will run round to the east of the unit – see red arrows in the plan below. Later in August/September this year the footpath will then be briefly closed for just one further week in order to apply the final finished surface. We will provide further updates on this when timing is confirmed. 

Plans are also underway to complete the footpath that links to the underpass to the A2220, delivery of which has been extended to 31st Jan 2024. We are working closely with the landowner to enable this to come forward.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused from the upcoming closure, and we assure residents that we are working to provide this footpath as quickly and safely as possible in the context of the works. 

We will be in touch with a further update regarding footpaths and cycle paths across Heathy Wood in the near future.
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